Getting Started

Below you’ll find a list of the steps you’re likely to go through as we establish a cleaning routine which works for you.


Step 1: Initial Consultation

Following you making contact with us we will agree on an initial meeting at a time suitable for you so we can understand the size and number of rooms in your house / apartment. Scan the QR code below to add us on WeChat.

We will discuss your specific cleaning requirements, the number of visits per week and the number of hours per week.

From this meeting our aim is to create a bespoke cleaning schedule for you

Step 2: The First Clean

For your first clean two cleaners and the manager will attend. This is so we can ensure we fully understand your cleaning requirements and deal with any issues. It is helpful if you can be there for the first clean.

Please note, if you only requested one cleaner with two for your first clean, the tasks will be done in half the time, so there should be no extra charge.
However it is better for you to add one more hour for the first clean so we can bring your home up to a great standard to maintain on-going.

Step 3: Sign the Agreement

By becoming a member of Panda Housekeeping Services you will receive a discounted rate of 50 RMB per hour per cleaner, (the standard rate is 66 RMB per hour per cleaner).

To enjoy the better rate it is necessary to agree to a contract with three months . A deposit is required.

Step 4: Ongoing Service

The cleaner will follow the agreed cleaning plan and frequency. With each visit the cleaner will complete a check list stating what has been cleaned. This will be left with you to check and also complete, to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Please contact me if you are unhappy with any element of the service provided or if your requirements change.

If the normal cleaner is unable to attend, I will let you know that someone else will be attending.

Step 5: 100% Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with our service, please let me know and we will do the task again to exceed your expectations.

Step 6: Payment

Payment must be received by the last cleaning day of the month for that month’s cleaning hours.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

1. Cash payment

2. By Bank Transfer – Bank of China.

3. Account No. 621 6613 1000 1454 4046

4. Payment by Wechat

Step 7: If You Want to End Your Membership

If you are moving on from Chengdu or need to stop our services, one month’s notice is required.

Failure to provide a month’s notice will result in a charge of 66 RMB per hour for the last month’s cleaning plan.

If the membership is broken within the first three months, the cleaning schedule for the two months will be charged.